Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence

New Hanover Regional Medical Center VitaLink Critical Care Transport in Wilmington, North Carolina has received the Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS). The Award of Excellence is a peer nominated award that recognizes a team whom has made an outstanding contribution in areas that include enhancing safety, education, leadership, patient advocacy by developing or promoting an improvement of patient care in the medical transport community. The IBSC applauds the tremendous commitment that Vitalink has to the ensuring essential critical care transport knowledge, experience and excellence for safe and competent practice in the critical care ground transport environment and we are pleased to sponsor the AAMS Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence.

VitaLink is the ground component of New Hanover Regional Medical Center's Emergency Transport Services. VitaLink's CCT staff are highly trained and specialized clinicians with access to resources that play an integral role in patient outcomes. VitaLink Critical Care Transport Teams consist of experienced and Board Certified Critical Care Paramedics (CCP-C) and Registered Nurses serving the community with inter-facility transport of acutely ill and injured patients. Along with their colleagues of more than 235 medical and administrative staff, NHRMC EMS, AirLink and VitaLink operate 45 ground emergency vehicles and two helicopters in southeastern North Carolina safely transporting over 13,000 patients a year.

The IBSC send our heartiest congratulations to Vitalink for this prestigious award. Watch the video here (